Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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XpoLog Manager is equipped with a user friendly graphic user interface (GUI), which provides a complete set of tools for administrators to manage log information, and for end-users to navigate through system logs, and view, filter, customize. and export them. It also provides a Log Monitor that verifies the logs' contents and sends alerts when a rule matches the log records.

The XpoLog Manager user interface includes the following main elements:

Tab BarOn the left side, XpoLog, XpoSearch, and Analytics tabs. On the right side, an XPLG icon. For details, see Tab Bar.
Main Menu

On the left side, includes the following menu items and submenus for performing actions in XpoLog Manager.

  • Dashboards
  • Log Actions
  • Administration
  • Configuration
  • Tools
  • Settings

On the right side, has a Home button for navigating to the XpoLog homepage, and in organizations where security is activated, also displays the Username and a Logout button.

Navigation PaneThis left panel of XpoLog Manager enables quick navigation to key components in XpoLog Manager. Some shortcuts are displayed by default, and some are displayed for specific views only, such as when a log is displayed in the Log Viewer. The Navigation Pane contains the following shortcuts: Quick Filter, Filters, Log Actions, Folders and Logs, Monitors, Storage, Snapshots, and Enterprise.
Main PaneContains icons that can be clicked to navigate to Log ViewerLog Monitor, Reports, Environment Analysis, and Log Collection, as well as icons that can be clicked to perform the following actions: Add LogAdd Logs Directory, Application Detection WizardCreate Monitor, Generate Report, Create Log Collector, and Settings.
More Actions Section

Contains several shortcuts to different administrative tasks: Create Application, Add AccountAdd Task, and View Wizards.

Get Help Section

The items in this section can be used to get help from the XpoLog support team. Contact us by email (, visit our online knowledge base or submit tickets online to get assistance from our team.Presents detailed information of the data displayed in the problems graph. For each member in the Folders and Logs, Application, or Server (according to what you selected), a summary of the analysis is displayed, each relevant to the specified time frame. Submit ticket online, Online knowledge base, Read tutorials, and Send email to XpoLog.

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