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The You can view the Problems Summary table presents detailed information of the data displayed in the Problems graph (see Problems Graph). For each member (from Folders and Logs, Applications,, or Servers), a summary of the analysis is displayed for the specified time frame.

You can view the table in either Hierarchic view (the default) or Flat view.

From this table, you can:

  • Drill down on any member in the table to view the Analytics analysis only for a specific member and its sub members.
  • View a specific member's analysis presented individually on top of the problems graph
  • Run a search for a specific term that you would like to find in the Analytics under your current time frame (error code, exception, user, etc.)
  • Use the paging to navigate through the entire list of problems, if the analysis presents more than 10 members.

in either of the following two views:

  • Hierarchic View (default) – presents the members under their hierarchical context, i.e. parent folder/application/server on the top view with drilldown options
  • Flat View – presents the list of logs without their hierarchical context
To view the Problems Summary table in Hierarchic View:
  • In the Problems Summary table toolbar, click the Hierarchic View button.
To view the Problems Summary table in Flat View:
  • In the Problems Summary table toolbar, click the Flat View button.