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XpoLog enables creating the following types of accounts: Amazon Web Services, Database, Email, Google App Engine, Hadoop, JMS, Remote XpoLog, SNMP, SSHWindows Authentication and Amazon Web Services S3. The following sections describe how to create each of these accounts.

To create an account: 

  1. In the Log XpoLog Manager toolbar, click Tools > Address Book, on the left navigation panel select the Data Source Account menu item.
    A list of all accounts is displayed. Buttons are provided for creating a new account, and enabling, disabling, editing, deleting, or verifying an account.
  2. In Address Book, click New Account.
    A list of available account types is displayed.
  3. Select the option button of the type of account that you want to create, and then click the Continue button.
    The configuration page for the selected account type is displayed. 
  4. Configure the account. See the sections below for the configuration procedures of the various account types.
  5. Click Save.
    The new account is saved in Address Book.