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  1. The Syslog App is running on syslog standard logs.
    When adding/editing the logs to XpoLog it is mandatory to apply the correct log type(s) to each of the logs:
    1. syslog - all logs that the application will analyze must have syslog as a log typeץtype.
  2. Once the required information is set, on each log click next and edit the log pattern, this step is crucial to the accuracy and deployment of the Syslog App. Use the following patterns   for patterns for each of the logs:
    1. syslog log:
      XPLG:[{timestamp:Timestamp,MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS}] [{text:Facility,ftype=facility}] [{priority:Level,ftype=level,DEBUG;INFO;WARN;ERROR;FATAL}] [{text:Source Device,ftype=source-device}] {block,start,emptiness=true}{text:Application Name,ftype=app-name}[{text:Process Id,ftype=pid}]: {block,end,emptiness=true}{string:Message,ftype=message}