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You can zoom into a specific timeslot in your graph, so that you can see a more detailed breakdown of problems over a smaller period of time. For example, in an Analytics graph that shows the distribution of problems for a period of seven days, you can zoom into any timeslot (day) to focus on the distribution of problems during that day, and you can zoom in further to see the distribution of problems in a specific hour on that day. At any point, you can zoom out repeatedly until you reach the graph resulting from the original time period.      

Zooming Into a Timeslot

To zoom into a timeslot:

  • In the graph, in the timeslot which you want to zoom into, click the Zoom-In button.
    The zoomed-in timeslot is subdivided into smaller timeslots. The Zoom-Out button appears, enabling you to zoom out to the previous display. The time period of Analytics is automatically changed to Custom.
    You can repeatedly click the Zoom-In button to see an increasingly more detailed distribution of the problems.  

Zooming Out of a Timeslot


To zoom out of a timeslot:
  • In the graph, click the Zoom-Out button.
    You can repeatedly click the Zoom-Out button until the graph is displayed for the original Analytics time period. At this point, the Zoom-Out button is no longer displayed.
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