The XpoLog support portal is accessible via the XpoLog > Settings > About menu item, by clicking the Open XpoLog Center Support Portal link. Only users associated with the Administrators group can open the portal. The portal enables system administrators to view systems logs, change logging level, review the general configuration that XpoLog uses, track real time activity, and manage all the data that XpoLog stores. This information is viewable in several sections, by selecting from the dropdown list the following options: Basic Information, Activity Information, Data Information, Site Statistics, Actions, and Advanced Settings.

Use of this portal should be permitted only to trained system administrators. 

In case XpoLog runs with several cluster nodes, it is possible to view/manage each node’s information separately by selecting the required node in the combo-box on top of the screen, or using the default option that includes all information from all nodes.

To open the XpoLog Support portal:
  1. Click the XpoLog tab.
    The XpoLog Manager opens.
  2. Click the Settings > About menu item.
    The About XpoLog Center console opens.
  3. Click the Open XpoLog Center Support Portal link.
    The XpoLog Support portal opens.

Basic Information

The Basic Information section of the XpoLog Support portal includes two tabs:

To open the Basic Information section:

Activity Information

The Activity Information section of the XpoLog Support portal includes five tabs:

To open the Activity Information section:

Data Information

The Data Information section of the XpoLog Support portal includes six tabs:

To open the Data Information section:

Site Statistics

Site Statistics presents a summary of the total logs, logs volume, and index status at the Applications, Folders, and Logs levels. It is possible to schedule the statistics report to be sent by email as HTML or CSV, periodically.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section of the XpoLog Support portal includes three tabs:

 A restart of XpoLog may be required for changes made in the Advanced Settings section to take effect .

To open the Advanced Settings section: